Friends of RCD 

The Friends of RCD Scheme is designed to support the company and give its supporters benefits such as:

- Free tickets to performances

- Opportunities to watch rehearsals

-Regular Newsletters  on the company's development

Annually, RCD performances to Toal audiences of over 2000 people across the UK, alongside engaging in unique creative experiences for 1000 people. Without its Friends scheme RCD would not have been able to achieve this high level of community engagement, as well as not being able to create the high quality of work each year that we do  We welcome anyone with an interest and passion for helping artists to achieve their potential to join our friends Scheme and take part in its benefits. RCD accepts any donation including and above £100 as the start of a Friends package. Should you wish to become a patron please email '' or write to us through our address found in our 'Contact Us' page.

Current Friends of the Company:

Susan Dalgetty, Audrey Allen, Andrew Chappell 

Photography Shu Tomioka - Richard Chappell Dance