As Above, So Below

Originally staged as a solo at Bristol Museum, ‘As Above, So Below’ is a solo for award winning and renowned dancer Faye Stoeser. Drawing of themes and research in Celtic history and magic within early societies, the work embraces an ancient atmosphere where the performer traverses between shaping their external world and being moved by outside forces. 

‘As Above, So Below’ explores themes of out of body and other worldly experiences through movement that swirls through a singular journey where the world in the present is as magic ad the energies found in the ground and sky. To mark the shamanistic nature of the performers role, the solo is designed to be performed hourly in sets of three, where the performer journeys through a powerful tightrope between agitation and zen-like peacefulness.

The work combines a pulsating score of electronic music by the band ‘Larch’ and live strings by violinist Enyuan Khong with Richard Chappell Dance’s striking blend of ballet, contemporary dance and improvisation.