Artistic Statement

As a choreographer Richard is dedicated to continuing to research and create unique dance environments by combining full bodied and adrenaline fueled dance with varying task-based methods of movement generation. By combining Richard's fascination into the individual, with his interest into finding honesty through physical excursion, the work take audiences along a journey of mutual discovery between audience and performer, stemming from his interest in classical ballet, improvisation, capoeira and contact work.  

With a strong ethos in agility and athleticism at the heart of Richard’s choreography, RCD aims to continue challenging both the dancer’s and audience’s perspective on the presentation of dance in performances by exploring how to create graceful and visually pleasing movement without the fear of making movement look constantly effortless for its performers. The movement surrenders to the physical difficulty of Richard's choreographic language and the dancers' natural attachment to performance adrenaline.

RCD takes neither race nor nationality into consideration when hiring its creative team. Although there is a strong aspect of British history and culture with the company's work, RCD welcomes artists of other cultures and heritages to approach the company as performers, collaborators or audience members. Artistic development through multicultural collaboration and learning is at the heart of RCD's creative and performance practice. 

Photo: Gemma Ward