Company Class

As a company RCD is always interested in meeting new dancers and regularly invites people to come take  class when projects are running.  Attending company class is always free, but is subject to application and availability. To view a video of Richard's class, please click here.

Alongside our rehearsals in Bournemouth and London this Autumn, Richard Chappell Dance is thrilled to invite professional dancers to attend our company classes on the below dates. Suitable for professional dancers and those in full time training, these classes are a window into the movement practice of the company, in an inclusive and welcoming setting. 

Class Description

Richard Chappell's class starts with a focus on how to mobilise, expand and stretch the body through repetitive movement patterns and improvisational tasks, connecting to breath. After this, crossing exercises are looped across the studio, connecting dancers to the ground and encouraging continuous passing of weight. Spirals are used to build up momentum, coordination and precision and small phrases are built into this vocabulary to connect material together and introduce dynamic qualities and gravity to the content, before a full bodied and playful final phrase. Richard's class is a window into the vocabulary and practice of his ensemble and is designed to be energetic and wild, whilst also being accessible and adaptable for dancers who need a softer experience that day. 

Timings and Locations

London: 19th-23rd September 2022, Chisenahle Dance Space, 10am-11.15am 

Bournemouth: 27th-30th September, Pavilion Dance South West, 10am-11.15am 

Exeter: 5th-7th October, Exeter Phoenix, 10am-11.15am 

How to Book 

Due to space and number restrictions, company class in London is by invitation only. Should you wish to attend classes in London, please email with a copy of your CV and video materials of you dancing, alongside the days you would like to attend. 

To attend class in Exeter, please email with your desired dates. For Bournemouth, class is Pay What You Can and bookable via Pavilion Dance South West.