Company Class

As a company RCD is always interested in meeting new dancers and regularly invites people to come take company class when projects are running.  Class is taught by Richard and lasts between an hour and fifteen minutes and an hour and a half. If you are interested in taking class please email '[email protected]' with an attached CV and video links.  

Richard's class starts with a brief yoga inspired warm up, followed by tasks with a focus on establishing and identifying the muscular connections found in the body through fascia and how guided and high energy improvisation can expand a dancers body, physicality and presence. These qualities are then translated to different ways of crossing the space with capoeira vocabulary and improvisation tasks, before moving onto conditioning experiences in the centre and culminating in a highly physical set phrase for dancers to explore. The classes focus is to flow seamlessly into creating and is mostly constant movement with a couple of pauses to learn phrases at the end. 

Attending company class is always free, but is subject to application and availability.

Photo: Jack Thomson