Resources For Dance Artists

COVID-19 Policy Example 


To support independent dance artists in England and Wales to undertake creative projects and minimise the risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19, we are releasing our COVID-19 Policy as a downloadable resource below. Inclusive of both a Risk Assessment for outdoor and indoor work and accompanying clauses from RCD Dancer Contracts, this policy is helping us ensure safe working environments for every artist we work with this Autumn, so that we can undertake new research and development and creative ventures as an ensemble of freelance artists. 

In uncertain times, these kinds of policies are particularly time consuming to create, requiring time, finances and industry insights that are not always readily available to everyone. In order to support our wider dance community where needed, RCD has uploaded this policy online as a resource for other independent choreographers to create safe work environments for dancers and to act as a reference point for dancers to ensure the work environments they are stepping into are safe to work in. 

To download our COVID-19 Policy, please CLICK HERE.

Please note that this policy has been created with reference to both Welsh and English Guidelines in August 2020. Should our Policy need to adapt, we will upload a new version to this page when we have done so. The date of when the Policy was written can be found on the top of the PDF. 

Just like the nature of our current landscape and times, our policy is evolving and being refined. If you have any feedback on it, or have For any further questions, please email .