Artist Conversations

In light of the current unprecedented impacts that Covid-19 is having on the arts scene, I am extending an invitation to dance artists, students  and professionals to join me virtually in my living room for one-to-one Skype conversations in the coming months ahead. This is to primarily encourage artists to stay connected, stay talking and keep some form of momentum continuing with their work. 

I find that I consolidate my creative ideas and visions through conversation and regularly come to realisations of my decision making at unexpected times, when discussion and laughter flows! It could be shaped as a more practical and free consultation on self-producing, network building and planning if that is useful to you, or a creative exchange where we discuss future or existing work that you want to make or they way you want your practice to grow as a dancer.

Ultimately, it's a platform for me to support fellow artists in this difficult time in any way I can or just a way for us to catch up and stay creatively engaged and connected over a cup of tea! This is a way that we can help each other navigate our newfound challenges from Covid-19, from cancelled/postponed projects to longer term planning. For dancers, it might be a second opinion on CV or showreel footage. If you work within an organisation, perhaps you require a conversation to exhale and decelerate in a stressful time. 

Here are some things I can offer: 

-Creative feedback or advice on existing work that you can send to me digitally 
-Feedback on CV and Showreel footage for dancers and choreographers 
-Advocacy to relevant organisations where appropriate to generate future work post Covid-19 
-Conversation around shaping the vision and ideas for your future work 
-Discussion about career development to current 3rd year dance students or recent graduates 
-A friendly talk to keep socially connected 

These sessions are entirely free and will run daily Monday-Friday from now until the end of June at times which are convenient for the people booking them and myself.  Should you wish to book a session, please do get in touch with me via email through . 

In times where I feel challenged and deflated, conversation makes me feel lighter and if you feel this could help you and/or your work, then please do get in touch. Stay safe, healthy and you have my arms stretched with warmth and solidarity in these challenging times! 

Photography Credit: Daniel Martin