'As Above, So Below': New RCD Creation at Bristol Museum

On the 1st November, RCD will be presenting a new solo work for dancer Faye Stoeser at Bristol Museum. "As Above, So Below' will explore the ritualistic experience of magic and has been commissioned by Bristol Museum for their Night program. Rehearsal footage and more information about the will be announced soon. 

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Still Touch Tour

Following the success of Richard's latest full length work Still Touch, RCD will tour the work across the UK in Spring 2020. Still Touch is a collaboration with sculptor Anna Gillespie, dramaturg Neus Gil Cortes and composer Samuel Hall. Official tour dates will be announced in October 2019. 

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'As Within, So Without': New Creation for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Following Richard's 2018 creation 'Ignite, Revolve and Catch Each other' for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, Richard will be returning to the school to create a new work in Autumn 2019 for the schools program at the Esplanade. 

'As Within, So Without' will be featured in NAFA's production Third Space in Esplanade's Da:ns Festival and in Tari International Dance Festival in Malaysia. 

Photography: Jeff Low