Still Touch Creation Announcement

Richard will be creating a full length work in the UK throughout Autumn and the first half of 2019 in collaboration with sculptor Anna Gillespie, Dramaturg Neus Gil Cortes and Composer Samuel Hall.  Still Touch will be a unique and tender exploration of human contact, motion and the connections between still images of sculpture and dancers in motion. 

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Photography: Jack Thomson

Silence Between Waves 

Richard has recently received a commission to create a new work for Torbay's Great Place Scheme, called Silence Between Waves. The work will be created for three exceptional dancers from Singapore and a large scale community cast of local people, which will be performed on Brixham's beautiful Berry Head in June. 

Further Information

Photography: Jeff Low

Swindon CAT Exeter Program Creation

In February 2019, Richard created a new short work for Swindon Dance's CAT program in Exeter, alongside RCD dancer and CAT alumni Sharol Mackenzie. The work will be performed at Swindon Dance in July 2019 and features live music by percussionist Emma Holbrook.