Present With Me - New Dance Film

‘Present With Me’ is a short film by Richard Chappell Dance and renowned dance filmmaker Dan Martin which will be shot in Torbay with funding from Torbay Culture’s Create to Recover programme. In the setting of peoples’ gardens and community outdoor spaces, the film will explore how people can connect through movement and self-expression in virtual and physical spaces. ‘Present With Me’ will celebrate fleeting moments of connectivity between people and act as patchwork for the rifts which have emerged amongst our community.

The work will feature invited members of Torbay’s community to form an intergenerational cast, alongside acclaimed Devon-based professional dancer Sharol Mackenzie (Richard Chappell Dance, Matthew Bourne’s New Adventures, Mark Bruce Company). 

‘Present With Me’ will be distributed online and screened online by theatres across the UK, alongside an installation at Torre Abbey and a screening in 2021 at Torquay Museum.

Taking Part - Community Call Out

We would love to welcome local people, in groups or individually, to create and film a short dance solo in their gardens or in an outdoor public space that they feel close to. To create this dance, we’d like you to follow the choreographic task in our accompanying video. In this video, you will be asked to create three to five movements which represent what home means to you and your connection with others, whether that be in person, through a screen or over a fence. After sending these films to us, they will be arranged into a unique video montage which will be shared  online. Once finished, the montage will be shared online.

Some practicals...

- film your clip with the camera in landscape mode
- keep your clip fairly short - ideally around 10-20 seconds
- do not film anyone else who does not give their consent (check your background!)
- send your clip together with your full name (and those of anyone featured in the clip) to be credited as a contributing participant to: via WeTransfer, GoogleDrive or Dropbox. The deadline for submissions is 12pm on Monday 9th November 2020.

Please make sure you follow the guidelines below and complete the form (request a PDF or fill in  online) confirming you are happy for your response and name to be part of our edit. If you or anyone featured in your capture is under 18 please ensure your parent / guardian has given their consent on the form.

Look after yourself when capturing your responses - by submitting your work you agree to:

- your work being used as part of this piece and edited by the creative team, shared online and through social media platforms
-  copyright for the final work remaining with the lead artistic team of ‘Present with me’
-  taking full responsibility for, and being mindful of, safety, health and well-being of yourself and those around you when creating any submissions
-  ensure that you do not undertake anything you don't feel you can do safely and confidently
- NOT film anyone against their will!
- you are happy for your name to be included as one of the co-contributors to this piece
- you are over 18 (or if under 18 a parent or guardian gives consent on your behalf) - Please provide names of everyone involved in the submission - and, if under 18s the name and contact details of your parent/guardian

We look forward to seeing your submission!